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In web content, social media, or search, eContext identifies and extracts topics to fuel your digital strategy. Marrying world-class artificial intelligence with the curation of 200 subject matter experts, eContext offers the most sophisticated taxonomy of the internet.

25 verticals. 450,000 topics. 55 million rules. Processing billions of interactions for our clients, and finding the ones that matter to their customers.

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Classifying Content & Customers

To understand where a customer is going, you have to understand where she’s been. eContext’s webpage classification makes behavioral data more valuable, creating a high-resolution understanding beyond domain names and meta-tags.

For Publishers and Content Networks, structuring content into the eContext hierarchy lets every page work harder.

Return more relevant content against search queries. Recommend articles based on individual behavior on your site, on social media, or across the web. Increase visitors, impressions, and revenue.

Structure in Social

Engage your social audience by truly understanding their conversations.

eContext categorizes the specific interests of individuals and groups, helping you deliver the right message.

This categorical perspective lets you spot gaps, trends, and opportunities, and identify the motivations behind every favorite, follow, and #freakingawesomehashtag.

Discover Search Keywords

Comparing search ‘intention’ with the actual result throws off billions of keywords every day. eContext uses statistical models and classification algorithms to find fresh, effective search terms that unleash the power of the long tail.

Master Modern Media

eContext’s technology enables advertising networks and exchanges to understand the content of pages and serve relevant ads using programmatic technologies. This increases advertising effectiveness and helps to monetize specific content or simply increase ROI.

Check It Out For Yourself

Dive into the simple, RESTful API to classify data to our categories in real-time — everything from on-site search to an entire social media firehose. Integrate the eContext structure and topics to your dashboard or analytics platform to give users granular insights, powerful filters, and highly-actionable predictions.

Browse our API documentation and contact us to request a trial API key.

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